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a new normal


a new normal is a reflection of the dire era of climate change and global warming we are currently living in. From the raging Australian bush fires to the earthquakes of Puerto Rico and so much across the globe, the reality of climate change, and the havoc it is wreaking on the Earth, are undeniable. At times, it feels like we are entering an apocalyptic age that is desolate, barren, and hopeless. 


Additionally, the article "Seeing the Hopeful Side of Post-Apocalyptic Fiction" by Megan Hunter provided another dimension to the work as well -- even in the most dire circumstances, humanity has an unyielding and undying hope that one day it will all be better.

Watch video here.

Performed by Felicia McBride Guerra, Lilly Thurman, and Tanesha Payne

Global Water Dances 


Global Water Dances is an international event that celebrates the importance of water in our communities. 

In collaboration with URBAN-15, we presented a small section of choreography set by Global Water Dances and performed by the world on June 15th as a movement choir.  

Performed by Ynez Gomez and Brittany Lopez

Photos by Matt Bynum

joy and fury


joy and fury was initially inspired by a book, "When God Was A Woman" by Merlin Stone during a 2017 summer trip to Salem, MA. Salem is, of course, the quaint Puritan town that became notorious for the intense hysteria of the Salem Witch Trials, which led to over 200 accusations and brutal murders of 20 people. 

"When God Was A Woman" chronicles the suppression of women's rites/rights over time beginning with the invasion of Judeo-Christian ideology in ancient Africa and the Middle East. While reading, it became painfully apparent that this cycle of fear and hysteria has followed women, especially powerful women, since time immemorial. 

joy and fury aims to explore the complexities of woman-ness in our society; the wonders and strength that seem to emanate from all women while we simultaneously writhe against the constricting bonds of patriarchy that has tightly wound itself around us. Women have become masters of moving in, around and through these forced dualities and dichotomies.

We are both joyous and furious.

Watch rehearsal video here.

Performed by Arica Basil, Brittany Lopez, Tanesha Payne, and Hailey Sindelar

Photos by Lynn Lane Photography



Presented at MESH2.0 in May 2018, a unique, collaborative event asking two artists of different disciples to create a one-of-a-kind performance that is inspired by each others artistic mediums.

This solo was an improvised collaboration between one dance artist and two musicians that offered a chance to restart/recover/renew and reclaim movement & music from moment to moment.

Performed by Brittany Lopez

Photos by Vignette Portrait Photography



twined was one of six site-specific works to be presented inside the McNay Art Museum in June of 2017 in an evening that connected architecture, visual art and storytelling to dance and movement. 

Choreographed on the beautiful spiral staircase located inside the McNay Library, this trio was meant to invoke a by-gone era of luxury, splendor, elegance and grace as dancers returned in the form of spectral memories to dance on the stairs once again. Additionally, the spiral pathway provided a sense of continuity, reincarnation, and the life cycle.  

Watch video here

Performed by Brittany Lopez, Deniss Medina, Tanesha Payne

photos by Jena Jackson


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